What is Graphic Design and What Does it Do? Part 1

Hello, this time I am going to say what is graphic design and what is its use in the web world?
If you want to know what graphic design services  are for and why they are so valuable and growing? This article is for you.

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic history I also feel there is no need to say that the internet interferes a lot and that now, for example, to tell its history does not cure your pain and I just gave you a useless science, the past that we have to stick to the past to design our business with graphic design Expand.

What is graphic design?

So let’s go see what graphic design is?

Graphic design is a good thing, graphic design is the process of making a content (whether physical or virtual) look better.

If it weren’t for the world of graphics, it would be as if all human beings were blinded , nothing attractive, we somehow engage directly with graphics from infancy to the last years of our lives when a baby responds positively to his toys and bottle. It establishes that it is attractive to him and his design is such that he likes it. This process continues until the last years of our lives.

The term graphic design was first coined by William Edison Diggins in 1922 and became popular after World War II .

Graphics were directly related to the local taste and the period when the designers lived in that time. This made it famous in different fields of graphic design in each country . In the field of car design, Italy and Germany play the leading role in the field of Italian and British fashion and clothing. This art is related to genetics to some extent. For example, the genetic nature of Hindus is bright colors, while in Europe and the Middle East, colors They are willing and there is no news of bright colors.

Everyone has a graphic designer in them, they just have to reach for it and try it, we want to look at it more logically because God is beautiful and loves beauty. Work.

Why is graphic design so important in business?

Today you go to the alley and buy two puffs, you see that they even took the trouble to pack the puffs and made the design so beautiful that you want to buy it, you want to buy a car if there are two cars that are in the same condition in terms of engine and options. You choose which is more beautiful and even more expensive, you have no problem paying more money.

It all shows that graphics have taken root in our lives, and profiteers have fueled it and made us fashionable, and they have been so successful that our hearts are not satisfied with objects that are ordinary beauty, and we are always looking for complex and new things.

So if you have a business in any field, you should get help from graphic design to make it look better.

Please do not underestimate graphic designers. 90% of people do not accept this job and say that they do not do anything special. Then these same people try on clothes several times to buy a simple dress that has a beautiful origin. That does not matter. Well, if it does not matter, do it yourself. Why do you go to graphic design? Unfortunately, these issues have increased so much that graphic designers have to sell their art cheaply to make a living (especially in our own).

Dear friend, for designing a business card or, for example, a catalog that the designer has worked on for a few days, you offer a small amount and you feel that you are a very good person and you have saved money from here.

The class of designers, the class of the oppressed, have their air, otherwise they will not sleep.

What are the main disciplines of graphic design?

Graphic design has two main disciplines:  pixel and vector . I will give a brief description of each and if you need a detailed explanation of each, I will leave you with an article related to them.

Pixel graphics:

This style is also called real or real style, in pixel design everything is real and not cartoon. If we zoom in pixel designs, we will have a decrease in quality and the so-called pixel design, these designs have a very high volume and low quality and only The advantage is that they are real, Photoshop is the most powerful software designed for processing pixel designs.

Vector graphics:

This style is exactly the opposite of the previous style. Everyone thinks that knowing Photoshop means that they are also experts, but Photoshop specializes only in pixel graphics. The outputs of the vector designs are all cartoon, but their advantage is that they are very, very small in size and have infinite magnification!

And this made vector graphics very popular. Now 80% of graphic designs are designed by vector graphics software, tissue boxes, parquets, wallpapers, even designs on cups and saucers are designed by this category of software. The most powerful vector graphic design software right now are Illustrator and Curl Draw .

What is graphic design? About graphic design

If you decide to learn graphic software, pay attention to two important points:

⦁ Learn the best software in the field
⦁ Learn software that offers other styles of that field,
this way you will be completely needless and you will provide the best output in the cartoon.

In the next article, I have decided to introduce different types of graphic styles to find your interest and work on the same style. Of course, a successful graphic designer knows all the design styles and tries to expand his field of activity.

Contact us for any tips and advice. We will answer all your questions in this regard: What is the role of EAT Algorithm in SEO?



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